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The innermost portion of each tooth is comprised of connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves. This collection of tissues is called the “pulp.” If the pulp dies or becomes infected, the diseased tissue must be removed to halt the infection. If the patient desires to retain the tooth, endodontic therapy needs to be performed. This care procedure was formerly known as a “root canal.”

Find Endodontic Therapy Care by a Specialist in Gainesville

The advanced treatment involves removing the diseased pulp material from the tooth of our patients and replacing it with a filling material. A common misconception is that endodontic therapy is a painful procedure. Actually, it is similar to having a cavity filled, producing minimal discomfort. As always, you can ask the dentist questions about this procedure like how much this treatment costs, or it it fits with your insurance or even the function of a crown.

Affordable Root Canal Procedures and Treatment in Gainesville for Adults and Kids

Common causes for the need to see an endodontist for endodontics treatment like a root canal:

  • Inflamed/infected tooth pulp
  • Severe sensitivity to hot and cold elements
  • Tooth decay
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Blow to the tooth
  • Swelling or tenderness near the infected tooth
  • Repeated dental procedures on a tooth

Please contact our Gainesville, GA office for an evaluation of treatment or cost if you experience any of the symptoms above. We will be happy to answer any questions on causes, terms, symptoms, steps for treatment for a better recovery and even their side effects. Depending on the symptoms, in 2019, the dentist may even send you to a specialist at another practice like an oral surgeon, periodontist, or even orthodontist.

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