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Are Dental Implants Worth It?

We often get the question, “Are dental implants worth it?” It’s a subjective question, but we understand that most people who ask this are really trying to determine if the price of implants and the expected longevity make implants a good long-term investment. Ultimately, as the patient, you will need to decide for yourself if implants are worth it to you, but here is some additional information to help in your decision-making.


Teeth Function

Experts across the dental field will tell you dental implants are the best at restoring your day-to-day activity. Implants provide a great aesthetic, but they also let you resume regular activities without fear of a loose appliance falling out, or the embarrassment that comes with having missing teeth.

Part of good tooth function is speech function. With implants securely in place, you will not have any interruption to your speech patterns—something we cannot guarantee with removable appliances. And if you are currently without some or all your teeth, you have probably noticed the difference in how you are able to speak because of this.

Bone Density

When teeth are missing, the jaw bone begins to erode. Long-time denture patients will notice that their dentures stop fitting well because of these changes in bone density. With dental implants anchored into your bone, that bone continues to serve a vital purpose, and therefore does not beak down like it would if no teeth are present.

If you are already in dentures and considering an implant-supported prosthetic, we recommend keeping a close eye on your bone density over time. While it is possible to graft additional bone onto what is already in place, this is an added expense. It is also not always possible to do the grafting. When possible, it is best to anchor the implants into your own healthy bone.

Holistic Health

It is easy to see how dental implants impact oral health, but what about your overall health? Some lesser-known benefits of dental implants include:

  • No need to avoid certain foods that are hard to chew with dentures
  • No more worrying about nuts and seeds, which often get stuck in removable appliances
  • Proper chewing and digestion of meats means better overall nutrition

When you can eat properly, and you don’t find yourself avoiding certain types of foods that your body needs, your overall health improves.

Comparing Implants with Other Alternatives

If you are looking at the long-term pros and cons of dental implants, we recommend weighing the cost of implants with the expected longevity of around 25 years. In contrast, look at the expense of dentures, or partials, or crowns and bridges, and their respective expected longevity. Implants are without a doubt a big investment. We can help you outline the costs, expected life expectancy for each, and what makes the most sense for you.