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Emergency Dental Services

Are you experiencing tooth pain?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of a toothache or dental emergency and need urgent care in Gainesville Georgia, give Lanier Dental Group a call at 770-535-8900 today. We will see you as soon as possible if you are a walk-in. Outside of our business hours, like a Sunday, read the tips below on how to deal with an emergency toothache.

The emergency dentists at Lanier Dental Group have been treating patients’ toothaches in the Gainesville area for years. We investigate, diagnose and treat the cause of your pain to bring you relief as quickly as possible. Contact us to schedule an appointment for treatment or to learn more about our emergency dental services like extractions!

Symptoms of a toothache

If you’re not sure if the pain you are feeling is caused by a toothache, review these common toothache symptoms:
  • Oral pain in and around a tooth. It may be a throbbing or a constant pain
  • Teeth/gums that are sensitive to the touch
  • Swollen gums/cheek
  • Bad taste in the mouth may be caused by an infection
  • Fever
  • Headache

What to do when you get a toothache

If you’re not able to get to the dentist in time, you may have to try some DIY relief techniques. We recommend the following home remedies for your toothache:
  • Rinse and clean the area around the sore tooth using warm salt water.
  • If you experience swelling, apply a cold compress to your cheek (a bag of ice wrapped in a towel, for example).
  • Take acetaminophen as instructed for temporary pain relief.
  • DO NOT physically apply aspirin to an aching tooth or gum. Doing this will cause the acidity of the aspirin to damage your gum.
  • See a dentist as soon as possible.

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